The clothes and equipment babies need

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You are about to be new parents and are excited to have everything in place for the baby before you welcome him or her home. The shopping list could be huge and confusing making you pull your hair wondering what should be bought and what should be left out.

Here is a list of things that you should purchase that your baby will need in the first few months.

Necessities for the new born

Newborns do not need a huge wardrobe.However,there are some basics that you will have to purchase when your baby comes home.A few side snap or side tie t-shirts are perfect for the baby until the umbilical cord separates. After that, you will need some bodysuits, oneness, shirts, socks, booties, long pants,and gowns for the baby.

The baby will outgrow the clothes quickly in the first few weeks itself. Also, the baby will need many changes in the day because of spit ups and blowouts. So you need to have a few sets ready.

Glider for you

It is great to purchase a comfortable glider and keep it in your nursery.This will be comfortable for the late night feeds as well as the cuddle sessions with your baby. You could also invest in a rocking glider that will help your child to fall to sleep. These are many choices and you can choose the one that you like the best.

Sleep Sacks

The stretchy sleep sacks covers the baby from neck to foot and there are snaps in the bottom area that lets you change the soiled diapers. These are perfect for nighttime wear and are recommended to use when traveling with the baby.

Caps and sweaters

If you stay in a cold place or is winters in your city then you have to invest in some caps and sweaters for your baby. This cap is essential so that it maintains your baby’s body temperature.


You may want to buy disposable or cloth diapers.You should have enough of these to change regularly. The diapers should be of the right size to avoid leakage. Make sure that you change the diaper regularly.

Bathing needs

You need to buy a baby bath. These will let you hold the baby safe when they are bathed. A baby towel and mild cleanser are also needed that you should purchase before the baby is born.


A pram or buggy is suitable to take your newborn baby around. Also,invest in a car seat for your baby to take him or her back home from the hospital.

Changing bags’

Changing bags are a must that lets you put everything that you need in it. This is a bag that you can arrange  everything when you go out with your baby. Choose a bag that comes with a changing mat.It should also have space to keep the wet wipes. A bag with many compartments is perfect to keep the baby stuff organized.

Apart from these, you will also need a cot, nursing bars for yourself and bibs for your baby.Make sure that you stock lots of cotton and tissues at your home and also buy a clipper to cut your baby’s nails.


It is important to know that the baby will not require a lot of equipment and clothes in the first few weeks. So do not be tempted to buy everything that you see and just stick to the basic needs for the moment.

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