The Father Role In Pregnancy And Delivery

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The soon-to-be-dads play an important role before their bundle of joy is about to arrive into the world. The woman carries the child but the father also plays a very crucial role in the pregnancy and the delivery phase.

What should the would-be-father expect?

It could be a challenging time for those who are to-be-fathers the first time. Most fathers are clueless about how they can help their wives. From the time that your wife lets you know of her pregnancy, you should have a keen interest in her check-ups. It is your responsibility to make sure that your wife is getting nutritious food so that your baby in her womb is healthy. Apart from visiting the major doctor appointments with her, you also need to be more accommodating to your spouse’s needs.

The role of a father during the wife’s pregnancy phase

Here is what you can do when your wife is pregnant.

  • Go to all the medical examinations with your wife. This lets you know about the growth of your baby and it also helps to offer emotional strength to your spouse
  • Be present when your wife is getting an ultrasound or other scans done. This will also let you get a glimpse of your baby
  • There are prenatal classes that you should join along with your wife which teaches you about the basics of caring for the newborn
  • Read up on birth and pregnancy which will give you an idea about the pregnancy basics and what you can expect when your wife goes into labor and during birth
  • Start shopping with your wife for the baby items because there are many things that you have to purchase
  • Make a list of baby names and decide on the one that you both agree upon
  • Take part in the household chores as your wife is going through a major transformation and she needs support and rest
  • Communicate with your wife where she can speak out all her anxieties to you. You should listen and offer reassurance
  • Prepare a birth plan with your wife and decide on where you may want your wife to deliver the baby
The father’s role in delivery

Your wife needs your help when she goes into labor. You should support her by offering to massage her and staying with her to give her strength and support during the labor phase. There are many hospitals these days that let the father stay with the wife through the entire birthing process. Opt to stay with your wife during childbirth because it offers her a lot of confidence.

This also lets you to bond early as a family. Babies are able to recognize the voices that they heard when they were in the womb. The baby forms an early connection with the father as soon as the father lovingly talks to the baby and takes the baby in his arms. The dad should thus pick up and speak to the newborn that will let the baby feel safe.


The feeling of being a father is powerful when the father is actively involved during the pregnancy and the birthing phases. It also lets the father go through the transition with ease.

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