The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy: Diet And Nutrition

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The third trimester is one of the most difficult phases of your pregnancy and it is time that you get your diet on track. It is important that you eat right because the food could impact your baby’s growth.

High-fat diet could lead to overweight kids. The third trimester is also important because it is the time when the baby’s metabolism develops. The brain also starts to control the metabolic processes.

But that does not mean that you need to let go of the healthy fats. These are essential in the third trimester and it helps to support lactation and also helps in pregnancy. Make sure that you include a lot of nuts, olive oil, seeds, cheese and yogurt in your diet. Stay away from processed fats that are found in packaged food. Your diet should also contain lots of minerals and vitamins which are essential for the baby’s growth.

Eating right is the sole mantra

You do not have to eat for two but eating healthy while pregnant is important to get the required amount of calories during pregnancy. It is important that you concentrate on what you eat and not on how much you eat.

From the 28th week until your delivery is when you are in the third trimester. The weight of the baby grows to almost the full term weight and thus your body needs the energy to carry it. You are also responsible to give it the required nutrition. The right diet gives you the nutrients that you and the baby need.

Nutritional needs in the third trimester

You will need an extra 500 calories each day in your third trimester. The DHA is also important in your pregnancy diet and nutrition because it helps in the fetal brain and retina development. The body also now needs extra calcium for the healthy teeth and bones of the baby. The best way to get it is through cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Vitamin D is essential because it helps the bones to absorb the calcium. The iron need also grows with the growth of the fetus and is required in the proportion to the fetal growth. Also, you will need to include more protein in your diet because it helps you to keep up your tissues and is also essential for the growth of the baby.

What should you include in your diet in the third trimester?

The following food should be included in the third trimester

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Bacon
  • Avocado
  • Whole meat
  • Beans

The list is not exhaustive. You need to make sure that you have healthy a balanced meal . Also, include as many varieties as you can.


Take care that you follow some healthy tips in your third trimester. Stick to small and frequent meals and never starve yourself. Your daily diet should have ingredients from all the food groups. You need to have lots of water because water keeps you hydrated and also do not cause constipation. Do cut down on coffee. Do not have food that is rich in unsaturated fat, salt, and sodium. Eating fish during pregnancy? The fishes that have high mercury levels should be avoided. Unpasteurized milk is not recommended. Also, avoid those foods that cause heartburn.

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