Type of Exercise to Do When You’re Pregnant

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Exercise in early pregnancy is highly recommended until the doctor has advised you to have bed rest. Exercising has a lot of benefits and lets you have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Those who follow some of the other forms of pregnancy workout experience less pain and have an easy delivery.

Pregnancy workouts

Not all workouts are suitable to do when you are pregnant. You should thus know which ones to do and which exercises to avoid.

It is important that you practice safe workouts given by your doctor. If you have always been working out even before you got pregnant then in most cases the doctor will ask you to continue, but manage the intensity.

Ideal Pregnancy workouts
  • Yoga

Yoga helps you to stretch and relieves and is one of the best forms of exercises that you can do when you are pregnant. It helps to open the hips and makes childbirth flexible. The stretches that you do in yoga help to offer you a mental balance and give you relief from stress. You could join a pregnancy exercise program for the yoga class for pregnant women and make sure that you let your instructor know that you are pregnant.

  • Water exercises

Water aerobics, swimming and running in the pool helps to increase the pumping of your heart and reduces any form of discomfort. The water exercise helps to relieve joint pains and helps to work away any retention of water in your body.

  • Pilate

Pilates is also a great form of exercise in every trimester. This gives you the stamina to help you prepare with the journey ahead. It helps to stretch your core too. Pilate also helps you to have a controlled bladder.

  • Cardio exercises

Walking is one of the best cardio exercises that you can follow during pregnancy. Just a few steps of walking also help. You could do some pregnancy exercises at home too.

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits

Exercising helps to improve the health of your heart, gives you energy and keeps you stress-free. When you are pregnant it is important that you indulge in some form of exercise to be motivated and have a routine and to also get the strength to go through childbirth and the post-baby stages.

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy are many:

  • It minimizes the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Helps you to build your strength for labor
  • Helps to keep a check on the weight of your baby
  • Keep your weight in check
  • Keep you happy which is important for a happy pregnancy and a happy baby


Maternity exercise helps to cut the risk of back pain prepares your body for childbirth and gives a healthy start. Those women who do not follow any type of exercise when pregnant should start tone if they have no complications with their pregnancy. Even simple exercises are better to start with. Keep the duration of the exercise low if you have not exercised before and gradually increase it once you feel comfortable.

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