Ways to settle your Baby

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If you have become a parent for the first time then settling your baby will seem like a very hard task. You see, babies don’t behave like us and nor are they trained to follow normal rules from the very beginning. It is really hard to make your baby fall asleep right? With help from their parents,learning how to fall asleep or settling down is a skill babies usually develop during the first 6 months or year of their life. The time required for a baby to master this varies from one baby to other though.

Before knowing about the ways for settling your baby, you need to first understand how babies communicate. Crying is the most common method by which a baby communicates. There are various patterns and ways in which they cry and with time it gets easier to differentiate. Babies usually cry because they are hungry, thirsty, soiled, irritated, excited, tired or frightened. Babies usually show that they are tired by grimacing, yawning, frowning, sucking their thumb, staring, snuggling in, doing jerky movements, becoming overactive, rubbing eyes or crying. If you respond early to these signs, it will prevent your baby from becoming restless and distressed and make it easier for your baby to settle down easily.

The list below states the ways by which you can settle your baby:-
  1. Gently holding your baby in your arms will provide a sense of security which will help your baby settle easily. Covering her with a soft, cotton blanket will act as a bonus.
  2. Using rhythmic patting, stroking, rocking, talking or softly singing will help your child to relax easily.
  3. Stay with your baby until she falls asleep. You might think that the baby is falling asleep but it is not necessary that they will fall asleep whenever they are drowsy. So, you need to make sure that they are completely asleep.
  4. Try keeping the room dimly lit and quiet at night so that they can sleep well.
  5. Try responding to your baby’s cries immediately, and perform the necessary actions.
  6. Don’t try to rush things and give your baby some time to settle.
  7. Try putting your baby to bed when she is drowsy but awake. This gives your baby the opportunity to get accustomed to falling asleep while being in bed. Doing this will help the child self-soothe herself if she happens to wake up.

A newborn baby needs the most amount of care. You might not be habituated with giving so much care but with the time you will surely learn to make things alright. Parenting is one of the most beautiful experiences which requires a lot of trials and errors. It’s okay to make small mistakes as long as you figure out what is the right way. So, you don’t need to panic if things aren’t going the way you want them to go. Hope this article will help you enough in making your bundle of joy settles easily.

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