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Normal pregnancy weight gain

Expectant mothers would gain weight in all the three trimesters of their pregnancy. So it is important to know how much weight gain in each trimester is normal. How much weight you gain in pregnancy has an impact on yours as well as the developing baby’s health. Your doctor will ask you to get your BMI checked and then give you a weight gain schedule.

BMI is the measure of the body’s fat which is calculated using your height and weight. It lets you know whether you have a normal weight or are underweight, overweight or obese. Based on the BMI value you would be recommended a diet.

Why do you gain weight in pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, not only does the baby grow in your body but there are tissues that are being produced in your body. Your breasts and uterus are also increasing in size.

The weight that a woman gains during pregnancy is linked to her body before pregnancy. If you had a BMI between 18.5-24.9 before you got pregnant,then you should be gaining 11.5-16 kgs. The weight gain is divided as 1-1.5 kgs in the first trimester and 1.5-2 kgs each month after that till you deliver.

If you are above or below the healthy range then you should gain less or more weight accordingly.

Weight gain in pregnancy

The weight that the pregnant woman gains include:

  • Theweight of the baby
  • The weight of the placenta
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Increase in the fat store
  • Blood etc.

The weight gain depends on the symptoms of pregnancy, the body type, the lifestyle of the individual etc. Many many add on weight in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy and many may lose weight because of poor appetite or morning sickness. After that, the weight gain will be gradual and the woman may lose a few kgs before delivery.

How to manage weight gain

You can a keep a check on your weight gain by:

Make sure that you consult your dietitian about which food is safe to be eaten. You should make sure that your diet has folic acid, calcium, iron, protein and-iodine and also include lots of fluids in your diet.


Most women would gain anywhere between 11.5 to 16 kg in their full pregnancy term. However,there are many factors that could affect how much weight you may gain. The few factors are:

  • Your weight before you conceived. If you were underweight to begin with then you would have to gain a little more weight. If you were overweight then you should gain a little less
  • If you have conceived multiples
  • If you have a case of morning sickness

It is important that you eat healthy food when you are pregnant. This is required for the growth of your baby. But it does not mean that you have to eat for two. You should consult your doctor in case of any doubt about whether you are gaining weight properly.