What are some good prenatal and postnatal pregnancy exercises?

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Obstetricians highly promote exercises to pregnant women who are having a healthy and normal pregnancy. It is however important that prenatal and postnatal exercises are needed to do with care and trained only under a skilled trainer.

Exercises during and after pregnancy

Your core is an important part of your body and it is working during as well as after pregnancy. Your core muscles include your belly, thighs, lower back, and your buttocks. All these muscles are important during as well as after your pregnancy because of these need to work out a lot.

The following pregnancy exercises help in the overall health of your body and are beneficial during pregnancy as well as post pregnancy. It offers the discomfort that women face.

Take care to understand that if your pregnancy is high risk or if you have had a previous cesarean birth then you get approval from your doctor before you begin to exercise. It is a good thing to consult your doctor before you start exercising be it during pregnancy or post-pregnancy.


Walking is simple but a very effective exercise as it helps to strengthen the core and it makes use of your core muscles and strengthens it.


Squats help to tone the pelvic floor and it also offers strength to your core. Toning this pelvic floor is important because it prevents the tearing of the pelvic floor after a vaginal delivery. Regular squat exercises help to lessen back pain that affects one in the third trimester.

Bird dog

Bird dog helps to strengthen your core and balance. It is a form of yoga and helps to release tension and makes nursing comfortable.


It is not possible to do planks when pregnant but it is a great exercise post pregnancy.


Dancing is a great way to keep yourself fit and you can practice it post pregnancy. You could also indulge in some aerobic exercises post pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga

This includes some mild yoga poses that help to ease nausea and lowers the chances of pre-term labor. It is, however, important to avoid hot yoga so take care to practice yoga under a certified yoga trainer only.


Indulging in some form of exercise before and after pregnancy helps to keep you in shape. You feel less stress, fatigue, and anxiety as you get moving.

As your pregnancy starts to grow a lot of physical changes that happen in the body to let the baby growing within you. The pelvic floor adds added stress. The exercise during pregnancy helps to improve your posture and cardiovascular health and helps you to have a healthy pregnancy.

Postnatal training is also important because your body goes through many changes after childbirth. The postnatal exercises aim to offer strength and flexibility training and help tone to improve on your mental and physical balance. Postnatal exercise also helps to firm up the body, promotes weight loss and increase the energy level.

Exercising during and after pregnancy also helps to prevent depression in women.


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