What are the first symptoms of pregnancy

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Embracing motherhood is a cherished moment every woman wait for with bated breath. From preparing the nursery to buying clothes, the excitement is of another level. For a safe and healthy pregnancy, it is essential to recognize the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy. While the pregnancy test (using the pregnancy kit) is one of the best ways to detect pregnancy. Some of the initial symptoms that a woman should watch out for includes

A Missed Menstrual cycle

Never ignore a missed menstrual cycle. In addition to a host of reasons including gynecological problems, severe stress, to name a few; missing your monthly cycle is often found to be one of the earliest signs of a visit from the stork.

Implantation Bleeding/Spotting

Many women confuse implantation bleeding or spotting with periods. One of the earliest symptoms confirming pregnancy, implantation bleeding, often accompanied by abdominal cramps. Results from implantation whereby the attachment of the fertilized egg to the uterine wall (~10-14 days following fertilization) takes place.

Change in breast size and texture

During pregnancy, the body (physical, mental as well as emotional) goes through a plethora of changes including a hormonal fluctuation. There is a significant rise in the estrogen level, which, in turn, affects the size and texture of the breast. In many pregnant women, the breasts feel tender, heavy and painful to touch. Further, the nipples also appear darker than before accompanied with moderate to severe itching.

Morning sickness and the associated symptoms

Lucky are those women who enjoy their pregnancy sans Morning Sickness. The hormonal changes, with an elevated level of progesterone and estrogen, is the main wrecker in chief triggering nausea, vomiting, dizziness, especially in the early stages (often experienced within the first six to seven weeks) of pregnancy.

An elevated progesterone level amalgamated with increased production of blood is also one of the reasons why some pregnant women feel sleepy and tired throughout the first few weeks of their pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

Have you been rushing to the loo way too often of late? Congratulations good news is knocking at your door. One of the first symptoms of pregnancy, the frequent urge to urinate is an outcome of a host of factors including a hormonal change. As the pregnancy progresses further, the situation will only go from bad to worse.

Emotional outburst

Almost all pregnant women go through extreme emotions or mood swings during their pregnancy. An early symptom that continues throughout the pregnancy, mood swings are also triggered by the hormonal changes.

Food detestation and cravings

Wondering why your appetite for certain foods has increased several folds? Worry not! You are probably going the family way. With the hormonal levels going haywire, almost all pregnant woman develops either irresistible cravings (especially for ice-creams, pastries, and other lip-smacking deserts) or dislike for certain foods stuffs.  Many women get highly sensitive to strong smells (such as perfumes, coffee, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes) during the first few months of pregnancy.

Feeling thirsty

An elevation in the blood volume (to carry the nutrients and oxygen through the placenta to the fetus) is one of the many changes observed in the initial stages of pregnancy. The more the blood volume, the thirstier one feels, a reason why many women drink liters of water and other fluids during pregnancy.

Triggered by hormonal changes, constipation, headache, acne, back pain, hot flushes are some of the first symptoms of pregnancy that you should not ignore.

There may be a myriad of symptoms indicating pregnancy. However, it is best to consult a doctor and confirm the good news before you get on with the real celebrations.


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