What Causes Post Pregnancy Depression

What Causes Post Pregnancy Depression

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Childbirth brings along with it many powerful emotions. The woman experiences joy, anxiety, excitement as well as fear. But with all of these, she may also have to fight a major emotion – depression.

Postpartum depression also known as baby blues caused after the child is delivered. It includes mood swings, crying, difficulty in sleeping and anxiety. The baby blues are felt in the first 3 days after the child’s birth and even last longer for around two weeks.

There are some women who however experience post pregnant depression that stays much longer and it is also severe in nature. This is known as postpartum depression and it is not considered as a flaw or a weakness. It is however important that the symptoms of postpartum depression are understood so that you are able to manage it promptly.

Causes of postpartum depression

There could be many reasons why one may be experiencing postpartum depression. In most cases, because of the hormones, neurochemistry or life history plays a major role to raise the condition.

The woman may also be having a number of health issues like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder which gives rise to postpartum depression. Also in case, the woman experienced postpartum depression in her earlier pregnancy she can have it again and there is a high chance of it.
Postpartum depression is not a permanent problem and the patient gets back to the normal condition after treatment.

Life circumstances cause postpartum depression

Pregnancy and childbirth are emotional events and along with immense joy, it also brings tiredness and sadness. One also starts to get anxious. This is normal but in case the condition becomes extreme then this causes postpartum depression.

Life events also cause depression. If the woman has experienced some past or current events in the family then because of lack of stability and support that she has experienced she could feel postpartum depression. It could also occur because of strained relation with one’s partner or because of family finances. The condition could also occur when one faces a complicated delivery or if the newborn has very high needs.

Hormones can cause postpartum depression

Some external circumstances could cause hormone disruptions. There is an increase in the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This happens in order to give stretch to the placenta and to the uterus during pregnancy. After delivery, its levels can get altered and this starts to disrupt some other hormones and causes postpartum depression.


It is important that one understands the signs of postpartum depression and does not delay the treatment. It is very normal for you to feel moody and tired after you have a baby but the condition needs to be treated if the depression hinders your ability to do your normal functions. The symptoms could vary from one person to the other and the symptoms start to aggravate and get worse if postpartum depression is not treated on time.


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