What Is Chemical Pregnancy & Why Does It Happen

What Is Chemical Pregnancy & Why Does It Happen

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A chemical pregnancy is an early loss of pregnancy and this happens soon after implantation. The chemical pregnancy is responsible for around 75% of the cases of miscarriage.

The chemical pregnancy occurs before the stage when the fetus can be detected with an ultrasound. However, one is able to detect positive pregnancy with the rise in the level of human chorionic gonadotropin or the HCG levels. The hCG is the pregnancy hormone and is created by the embryo after the implantation stage.

The chemical pregnancy also confirmed with a blood test.

So, if you had a positive result when you took the pregnancy test but a week or two later the results are negative. Then there are high chances that you have experienced a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancy, however, does not impact the fertility of the woman.

When does a chemical pregnancy take place?

Miscarriages and if you lose the baby after a positive pregnancy test then its a monumental loss for many. In the case of a chemical pregnancy, the embryo was destined to get miscarried, even before the first cell division happened.

Pregnancy is the stage when the conception happens that is when the sperm enters into the egg and then fertilizes it. The truth is that when sperms are present at the ovulation stage many eggs are fertilized. This means that conception is not rare. Among the eggs that get fertilized only one-third of them will be able to complete the implantation stage.

One gets to know that she has conceived only after the embryo implants successfully. If the embryo did not implant itself then one would never know that conception even happened. Chemical pregnancy causes the implantation to occur and signals positive pregnancy but it does not let pregnancy to go further than implantation.

Causes of chemical pregnancy

There is still a lot of research going on what causes chemical pregnancy. These are a few cases that have been identified:

  • The major cause could be because of abnormalities in the chromosomes. These abnormalities happen at the conception stage and it prevents the formation of the baby properly which causes miscarriage.
  • If there are fibroids present in the uterus then this causes abnormalities in the uterine which interferes in the implantation
  • Hormonal deficiency may also be the reason for a chemical pregnancy. This is possible in those women who have a luteal phase defect where they are not able to sustain the pregnancy which causes miscarriage
  • Some medical factors like being over 35 years of age or some medical conditions like clotting could be the cause of chemical pregnancy.


There could be many other reasons for the cause of chemical pregnancy. The condition does not cause any symptoms apart from late menstruation. Some women also experience cramping when they have a condition of a chemical pregnancy. Since pregnancy hormones are at a very low level the woman does not experience the earlier pregnancy signs like nausea and tiredness.

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