What Is The Best Pre-Pregnancy Diet And Lifestyle Tips?

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Even before you conceive, it is important that you make changes to your diet and your lifestyle. Eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not just increase the chances of you getting pregnant but will also increase the chances of having a healthy baby and pregnancy with no complications. Make sure that you follow the diet and lifestyle tips as soon as you and your partner plan to have a baby.

Healthy diet

The lifestyle and the Pre-pregnancy diet choices that you make will impact your fertility. It is thus important that you eat pregnancy food and develop healthy habits right from the start. Make a list of the foods to eat when trying to get pregnant and include them in your regular diet.

  • Increase the intake of good fats and limit the food that has trans fats
  • Eat the food that has a low glycemic index
  • Include lots of vegetarian food that is high on iron
  • Include dairy products in your diet
Your body weight

Overweight or underweight, both could cause you stress when you get pregnant. It is important that you have a normal body weight which will not disturb the production of hormones and will make sure a normal period cycle. Being overweight or underweight causes problems with ovulation and fertility.

Stay active

Indulge in some moderate physical activity every day to stay fit. Regular exercises help to increase metabolism. It also helps to release the hormones that help in the production of eggs. Exercising makes you more fertile and helps to decrease stress.

Start taking prenatal vitamins

Take a pre-conception vitamin that is required when you conceive. This is because a woman’s body needs extra nutrients when she conceives. The vitamins that your body needs will depend on your age and your health history so make sure that you meet a doctor to discuss the prenatal vitamins that you must.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine 

Caffeine and alcohol cut the chances of getting pregnant. Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, and chocolate and it is important that you limit its intake before you get pregnant. Alcohol too delays your chances of getting pregnant.


Smoking is harmful to you as well as affects your fertility. It makes conceiving difficult. If you smoke after you get pregnant then this could lead to a miscarriage or also cause some birth defects. It is thus important that you quit smoking as soon as you decide to get pregnant.

Do not stress

Stress makes you infertile. It is important that you avoid stress to have a healthy pregnancy. Certain couples who are more relaxed, increase the chances of conceiving. Also, make sure that you get enough sleep, which is important for your health and to get pregnant.


It is important to make some pregnancy diet and lifestyle changes as soon as you and partner decide to have a baby. The small changes to your lifestyle and having a healthy diet goes a long way to let you stay healthy and have a smooth pregnancy. It is also important that if you have some medical condition that could affect your pregnancy then you see a doctor immediately. Getting treated early will let you increase your chances of getting pregnant and being fit during your pregnancy.

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