Pregnant Lady's Pulse And A Normal Pulse

What Is The Difference Between A Pregnant Lady’s Pulse And A Normal Pulse?

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There are many changes that happen in a woman’s body. When she gets pregnant and one of the major changes is the pulse rate of the pregnant woman. The pulse rate is the number of times that the heart beats in a minute. The pulse rate increases when the body is working hard and when extra blood is pumped through the body.

The pregnant woman’s pulse rate is monitored as a part of the doctors check up procedure.

Why is the pulse rate of pregnant women higher?

The normal rate at which the heart beats in a healthy human is between 60 to 80. But when the woman is pregnant then the heart rate shoots up to 100. This increase in the rate is called tachycardia and this is normal in pregnancy.

The body is working to nourish the baby that is growing in the womb. As you enter into the later stages of pregnancy the pulse rate of the pregnant woman increases because the amount of blood that the baby needs also increases. The heart starts to beat fast to pump in more blood and this causes an increase in the pulse rate which is absolutely normal.

Reasons that cause high pulse rate in pregnant women

There could be many reasons why the pulse rate of pregnant women is high. Some of the factors could be:

  • Psychological reasons for taking care of the baby
  • Anxiety about the health of the baby
  • The change in the size of the uterus diverts a lot of blood into the uterus. Almost 20% of the blood is supplied to the uterus towards the end of pregnancy. This means more work and an increase in the pulse rate
  • The mammary glands are getting prepared to feed the little baby and for this. The breast tissues start to enlarge and this needs an extra supply of blood
  • There are changes in the nutrient levels in the body. Also if the pregnant woman has been diagnosed with thyroid or if there is a drop in her iron count then that causes an increase in the pulse rate
  • The increase in the pulse rate could be because of some hormonal changes or because of a change in weight
Signs of an increase in pulse rate for pregnant women

The pregnant woman could feel an increase in the pulse rate and she may be able to see the following symptoms:

  • Shortness in breath
  • Skipped heartbeat and palpitations
  • Feeling lightheaded and dizzy
  • A cough that is persistent

If you see any of these symptoms then it is recommended that you meet the doctor who could rule out any other complications in pregnancy and verify that the symptoms are normal in pregnancy.


The increase in the pulse rate is something that should not worry about a pregnant woman. This is, in fact, a good sign and states a healthy pregnancy. The increase in the pulse rate indicates that the body is working to make sure that the baby is being provided with the nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy. If you do not feel any other serious symptoms apart from an increase in the heart rate then there is nothing to worry.

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