When The Breast Milk Seems Insufficient

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A small percentage of new moms may have trouble producing breast milk. This could be because of some medical condition.

Here are a few medical reasons for a low supply of breast milk.

  • Excess of blood loss during birth or because of the placenta fragments being retained in the body
  • History of the thyroid, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal disorders, or diabetes
  • A condition of mammary hypoplasia in which the mother does not have enough glandular tissues to produce milk
  • Breast trauma or previous breast surgery may hinder breast milk flow in the initial stages

If you suffer from any of these problems then you need to consult a lactation consultant who can assist you on how to breastfeed your baby.

Signs that your milk is not sufficient

It is rare that mothers may have a low milk supply but it could still happen that your baby is not able to get enough milk in the first few weeks. The main reasons could be if you are not feeding your baby in frequent intervals or are sticking to a routine rather than to the baby’s demand. It could also be that the baby is not latching well.

Here are a few signs that will signal that your baby is not getting sufficient breast milk from you.

  • A poor gain in weight. The baby loses weight in the first few days after she is born.However, she should be back to her normal weight in 14 days’ time.If your baby does not start to gain weight in five to six days’ time then you should consult your doctor
  • If your baby does not have enough wet diapers then this signals low milk supply. The number of wees and poos that the baby does each day indicates whether she is getting enough milk. If you notice that the number of dirty diapers is less then you need to seek the help of your doctor.
  • Another sign that lets you know that your baby is not getting enough milk is if you feel that your baby is dehydrated.If your baby has urine of dark color or has jaundice or dry mouth then she could be dehydrated. Your baby may also be reluctant to feed and may be lethargic.Dehydration could happen because of overheating, vomiting,or diarrhea. Seek help if you notice any of these symptoms.
What may be going wrong

Before you think about switching to formula milk,here are a few things that you should take care of. These could be the reasons why your milk supply may be low and your baby may not be feeding well.

  • If your baby is not latching properly
  • If you are not breastfeeding your baby enough
  • If your baby doesn’t feed long at each feed

When your baby is in a growth spurt then the appetite of your baby increases, which may make you feel that your milk supply is low.However, the body will adjust to the demands of the baby eventually.


Anew mother will also face social pressures and get opinions from others who influence her to not breastfeed her baby. Statements like small breast produce less milk or the baby is feeding often because the mother has low milk supply are not true. It is important that you do what you feel is right because you understand your babies needs the best.

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