hip pain can linger long

Why hip pain can linger long after your baby’s born?

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Pregnancy brings a lot of hormonal changes in the body of the mother. The mother experiences many discomforts after pregnancy; one of them is postpartum hip pain. Even during pregnancy hip pain aggravates, when the body of a mother unable to balance the weight of the growing baby. It is necessary to maintain good posture right from the pregnancy till the childbirth.

Why do hips start hurting post-pregnancy?

Ligament and pelvic joints get loosened then they tend to expand and loosen so baby can be released through the birth canal. During pregnancy, a body of mother produces a hormone named relaxin. Relaxin helps in softening those ligament & strong tissues which hold joints together.

Post-partum Hip pain causes:-

a) Pelvis joints are not moving evenly.

b) The way of changing of pelvis region muscles how it works.

c) When one pelvis joint not work properly then lead to misbalanced on the other leg pelvis joint.

The level of pain varied from one woman to another. The pain gets worse when sitting and standing for a long time & having intimate activities can be painful.

How can post-partum hip pain be treated?

Involving physiotherapist and making some lifestyle changes helps treat hip pain.

a) Doing everyday activities carefully: – physiotherapist help to protect pelvis from the movements which turn out to be painful such as standing, walking, etc.

b) Pelvic support belt: – with the support of pelvic belt one can do exercise while reducing some extends of pain.

c) Exercise: – the exercise of the hip, pelvic girdle, tummy, pelvic floor muscles to improve the stability of the pelvis and back pain.

d) Trained practitioner:-in order to lose stiff areas practitioner should be well trained and experienced.

e) Pain relief medications:-if pain persists after treatments of physiotherapy and exercises. One can take regular pain relief medicine like paracetamol.

f) Change work or working hours: change in the working hours or lifestyle will help in dealing with this problem.

How soon this hip pain gets away?

This pain usually takes about a few weeks or a few months after the childbirth but it likely to persists if one gone through severe pain during pregnancy. Out of 13 women, one woman found to linger for a long time in this pain.

Wrong posture and lifting wrong weights leads to the occurrence of this common pain that happened to every woman .as woman body lifts the weight of the baby, therefore, a hormone named relaxin released to soften the pelvis region joint so that mother can deliver child efficiently.

If hip pain gets severe at the time of pregnancy, this may lead to persists after post pregnancy also. Fortunately, in many cases hip pain during the time of pregnancy doesn’t stay forever and gets fade away once the baby is born. To live a healthy life, consuming healthy food and exercising help in resolving this pain after delivery.


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