Work And Pregnancy

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Working during pregnancy is safe unless your doctor suggests you not to do so. However, it is important that you adjust your lifestyle to manage your pregnancy and career at the same time.

How to manage work when you are pregnant

Managing work when pregnant means that you need to be able to manage your morning sickness in the first trimester to tiredness towards the last trimester. Here is how you can manage them at work.

  • Pregnancy means that you may want to snack often. Carry some healthy snacks with you so that you have enough for the day. Also, make sure to stay away from smells that may make you feel nauseated.
  • Make sure that you include plenty of fluids to your diet and stay hydrated. Do not consume soda or caffeine and also avoid fresh fruit juices because they add to calories. Be hydrated and eat healthy food.
  • Take small walks and occasional breaks to keep your batteries charged. Take breaks regularly and when at home take plenty of rest.
  • Talk to people about any apprehensions that you may have. Pregnancy and work together could be very taxing for your brain. So if there is something that is bothering you then talk it out and seek help.
  • Plan some kind of fitness activity in the day. You should indulge in some light exercise or yoga to feel energetic and fresh at work.
  • Make sure that you take the vitamins and the supplements that have been prescribed to you. This is important for yours as well as the baby’s health.
  • It is okay to take help. Leave some chores to your spouse and offload as much work as you can. Ask for help when needed.
  • Wear maternity clothes and comfortable footwear.
  • Plan your maternity leaves and let the concerned person know about it. Also if you think that you may need more time with the baby then check if your office has an option of extended maternity leave.
  • Prenatal check-ups are important and do not miss it even if you are busy with work. It helps to check the progress of your pregnancy and also helps to find out if there are any complications.
  • Avoid stress and try to be organized so that you do not have any unpleasant time. This is important for the health and the development of the baby. Do some form of the simple exercise to manage stress.
  • Be careful when you are walking or going up and down the stairs. Do not get excited because a small accident could lead to some major problems. Manage your working schedule if you can to avoid a lot of travel time.


Managing work and pregnancy is something that most women do these days without any discomfort. All that you need to ensure is that you maintain proper and healthy eating habits, dress comfortably and do not stress yourself. However, if your doctor asks you not to work then it is best to stay off work. In such a case ask for a work from home option from your employer. It is important that you follow your doctor’s suggestions to avoid any complications with your pregnancy.

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