Yoga Poses For Pregnancy To Manage Weight And Easy Delivery

Yoga Poses For Pregnancy To Manage Weight And Easy Delivery

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Yoga during pregnancy can help expecting mothers to manage their mood swings and to deal with the pregnancy discomfort.  Asanas are also associated with improving the flexibility and the strength of the pregnant women. Yoga teaches the breathing and relaxation techniques that help the mother manage her weight and also prepares her for the delivery.

Here are a few yoga poses that a pregnant woman can do during her pregnancy to manage weight and to have easy labor and delivery.


This asana helps to stimulate the muscles in the thighs and the hips and strengthens them. The asana helps to increase the blood circulation in the limbs and to cut any swelling.


This yoga asana is known as the twisted pose. This asana helps to give strength to the pelvic muscles and improves the space in the womb. It lets the woman have an easy delivery.


This asana is also known as the angled pose and helps improve the pressure on the thighs and the legs. This asana helps to open the pelvic floor and supports the bone.


The yoga asana helps to offer strength to the pelvis and the thigh muscles. It also offers strength to the abdomen. This asana also helps to manage any pain in the back.


This yoga asana relieves the back pain. It also strengthens the spine and allows the circulation of blood and the spinal fluids. The asana helps to cure morning sickness and makes the mind calm. It also helps the baby to move to the right place. The asana is also known to encourage push the baby to make it move towards the cervix.


This yoga asana works on your legs and strengthens them. It helps to support your abdomen and enhances the blood circulation. It offers you a good stretch in your legs and your hips. The asana helps to widen your hips and open up the pelvic area.

Baddha Konasana

The asana helps to improve the reproductive system of the woman. This asana helps to open up the pelvic floor. The asana makes one have easy labor and also helps to improve the blood circulation of the pregnant woman.


This asana is known to relax the body and the mind. It gives you an energy boost and helps you to fight fatigue. The asana also helps to relieve pain and lets you relax.


This asana helps to strengthen your legs and spine to take the weight of the uterus growing within you. The asana is also associated with balancing and focusing.


This asana helps to strengthen the legs and lets fresh blood flow through your body. The asana also lets the baby get the required and circulation of blood helps to cut the toxins that are unnecessary in the system.


There is the number of yoga poses for pregnancy that you can practice. By doing the asanas will change in each trimester. Take care to consult your doctor before starting any of the asanas. Also, if you face any discomfort when doing the asana then stop doing it immediately.

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