Your Baby's Movements In Pregnancy

Your Baby’s Movements In Pregnancy

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When you feel your baby move within you for the first time, it is actually one of the biggest and an emotional moment of your life. You are sure to be wondering what the baby is doing in there.

You will start to feel your baby move within you say around 18 to 20 weeks. It could take a bit longer in case this is your first pregnancy to feel the fluttering in your tummy. If you have been pregnant before then you will mostly be able to feel it when you are 16 weeks pregnant. If you, however, do not feel any movement within 24 weeks then you need to get checked. The doctor will get an ultrasound done to ensure everything is fine.

Understanding your baby’s movements

When you see an ultrasound you will be able to make out what your baby is doing in there. The movements will keep changing as the baby keeps growing. If your baby is awake during a scan then you will be able to see it wriggle.

  • The baby starts to stir at wringing at the seventh or the eighth week.
  • It starts to hiccup at around nine weeks. It is also able to move its arms and legs. The baby will also start to swallow and suck.
  • The baby will now move its head at ten weeks and will use its hand to touch its face. It will also stretch and open its jaws.
  • The baby starts to yawn at twelve weeks.
  • It is able to move its eyes when it is fourteen weeks old.
  • It can suck its thumb when it is fifteen weeks.

You will start to feel the movements of your baby gradually. It will start with a flutter and slowly you will able to feel the twisting and the pushing as well as the kicking. The baby, however, will not move throughout, it will also have its rest time.

The baby will rest for a long time close to your pregnancy.

How many kicks should one feel in a day

There is no defined number of kicks that one should feel in a day. It is just important that you are aware of the movements of the baby. Slowly you will start to understand the waking hours and the pattern of the baby’s sleep cycle. This will be easy to notice closer to your delivery date. Every baby is different and the mother will be able to judge it well.

However, in case, you notice any abnormal pattern in the movement then gets in touch with your doctor. This is important to check for the well being of the baby.

Should you be worried if you do not feel the baby’s kick?

There are chances that you may be so occupied elsewhere that you may have missed the kick. Lie on the left side and support your bump. Stay like that for some hours and you should be able to feel ten movements in that time. You will be able to concentrate better when you are lying down. When standing you will feel the movements of the baby the least.


To help your baby move you could also try to put your feet up and have a snack or have a sweet and cold drink. You could also make some noise to see if the baby is moving.

If it starts to move there is nothing to worry. But make sure that you keep track of the baby’s movements.

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